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The Geo Modelling Workshop
Sunday 21 September 2008


On Sunday 21 September we organise a modelling workshop to discuss technical challenges related to the simulation of crustal deformation processes.

The preliminary programme includes:

09:00 - 09:30 - Registration
09:30 - Start of workshop

Morning programme:

  1. The search for new analogue modelling materials
  2. Analogue material properties benchmark
  3. The role of elasticity in the crust
  4. Numerical implementations of brittle behaviour
  5. Theory and models of thrust wedges

  6. Afternoon programme:

  7. Summary of the GeoMod2004 experiments and description of GeoMod2008 experimental setups
  8. Poster session of GeoMod2008 model comparison experiments
  9. Summary comparison of the analogue models
  10. Summary comparison of the numerical models
  11. Discussion on analogue and numerical modelling

The registration fee for the workshop is 60 euro and includes lunch and coffee breaks.

The afternoon programme focusses on the new comparison of analogue and numerical model results of two prescribed experiments.

We invite analogue and numerical modellers to participate in two brittle comparison experiments with the aim to constrain and quantify the variability among models and to improve our understanding of the causes of differences.

In addition, in collaboration with GFZ Potsdam, we offer the possibility for analogue laboratories to have the properties of their sand and viscous material quantified.

Details on the comparison experiments and on material properties quantifications can be found at http://www.geodynamics.no/benchmarks/ .

For any additional information, please contact: