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Welcome to GeoMod2008!
22-24 September 2008
Florence, Italy
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Knowledge of geological processes requires a multiscale and multidisciplinary approach combining observations, theory and interpretation. In this context, geological modelling (both analogue and numerical) has become a strategic tool to link direct geological observations with interpretations, and to improve our understanding of the 4D evolution of geological structures.
The GeoMod2008 represents a follow-up of the two successful geological modelling meetings held in Milan (RealMod2002) and Lucerne (GeoMod2004). The conference will offer the opportunity to present and discuss the latest research results, and aims to bring together researchers from universities and industries who deal with analogue and/or numerical modelling. Particularly welcome are contributions entailing a strong interaction between modelling results and geological data from real-world case studies.


Rheology and large-scale deformation
Advances in understanding Earth rheology, crust and mantle rheology from micro- to mega-scale, strength of the lithospheric multilayer, coupling of deformation from crust to mantle, stress characterisation, stress patterns, large-scale deformation dynamics.

Subduction zones and mantle dynamics
Dynamical aspects of subduction zones, subduction zone rheology, thermal structure, accretionary wedges, HP and UHP exhumation, mantle dynamics, mantle convection patterns.

Mountain Building and Thrust Systems
Continental collision, dynamics and kinematics of thrusting, relations between magmatism and deformation, oblique convergence, role of d├ęcollement layers.

Lithospheric Extension
Dynamics and kinematics of rifting, role of lithosphere rheology, relations between magmatism and deformation, mantle plumes, evolution and architecture of normal fault systems, oblique extension, break-up and passive margins development.

Basins and Sedimentary Budget
Foreland basins, extensional basins, salt tectonics, basin inversion, hydrocarbon accumulation and migration.

Surface Processes
Coupling deep and Earth surface processes, link between climate/surface processes/tectonics, erosional processes, relief dynamics, geomorphological processes.

NEW! We have added a new poster session: Methods and techniques
This poster session deals with advances in modelling techniques and materials and is scheduled for the third day of the conference (WEDNESDAY Sept 24)


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